Hard VS Silicone VS TPU? What's the best?


I think that is the case,TPU Case. I bought from, except mine does not have that hole on the backside near the bottom.

I bought the ONLY case available at for the Triumph and I really like it. It's has enough grip to help hold onto it. Slippery enough to slide into a pocket or belt case, and has raised edges to protect the screen.

Besides making it slightly thicker I can't see any reason why anyone wouldn't like this case. I've used the tpu cases on my Sansa mp3 players and they've worked well for me too. Given the choice I would rather have what I have (TPU?) than the tpu case from kltmobile like skins. I think it offers as much protection as necessary, and does so in a way that actually adds to the feel.

Here shows the quality tpu case from kltmobile